SOKO District

Positioning statement:

we are for: 

We are for a community not faceless shoppers

that believe:

That believe in meaningful and authentic experiences

who are:

Who are frustrated with being treated like consumers

with the goal of:

With the goal of not buying just a product. Getting the full experience as it was intended by the producer of the brand promise.

who have a problem with:

People have become less important

Consumers not people. The Amazon issue = nameless, faceless, location less

Online Isn’t locally friendly

Online can have a location. How do we blend the lines between online and bricks and mortar

Physical space is old and dull

How is the physical space integrated with my (digital/physical) life?

we have the solution:


Building value through brand experience and enabling brands to re-tell their stories.


Digital-Physical integration of the retail journey with SOKO customers daily experience.


Giving brands global access with local roots.

with the unfair advantage:


Transparent, responsible, purpose driven brands. Quality not quantity. Brands that fit into the circular economy.


The new second space. Space/Brands relate to the community.


Sustaining the ecosystem that encourages constant movement towards fresh ideas.