Hunter & Barrel

Positioning statement:

we are for: 

We are for people looking for a visceral experience around food

that believe:

paying homage to the dawn of culinary tradition. The past and the story behind food is important.

who are:

They are looking for a traditional feast of quality meats and produce while listening to the crackle of a open flame.

with the goal of:

going back to a time of the hunter and gatherer. A time of honesty and sound values.

who have a problem with:

Restaurants have broken the chain between the product and its source

There is a lack of quality and we need to show a move back to the traditional

How can we engage the senses once more

we have the solution:

Quality meats and produce are at the heart of everything we do

Coal roasted meats

We transport our customer back to a time that celebrates the hunter and the gatherer

with the unfair advantage:

Our signature feast boards, slow-cooked meats, pies and hearty stews are prepared on our coal and spit rotisserie

We have a unique way of documenting the origin of meat and produce

Our patented coal pit design that produces an irresistible smoky charred finish