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Hunter & Barrel

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who are:

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with the goal of:

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we have the solution:

The Hunter and Gatherer

We are for people looking for a visceral experience around food

paying homage to the dawn of culinary tradition. The past and the story behind food is important.

going back to a time of the hunter and gatherer. A time of honesty and sound values.

They are looking for a traditional feast of quality meats and produce while listening to the crackle of a open flame.

Food is such a big part of tradition. We need to bring that visceral experience back to life.

Imagine yourself in the time of the hunter and gatherer, when ancient ritual was sacred and nature was a force to be reckoned with.

with the unfair advantage:

Our signature feast boards are prepared using our patented coal pit design making for a smoky charred finish that no other restaurant can copy.