There's simply no better place than ours

Every burger is cooked to order so it's fresh, hot and succulent using unique basting and marinade methods. Ribs are cooked low'n'slow for eight-hours using traditional recipes so they're tasty and fall off the bone tender.

A meal at Ribs & Burgers is like stepping into to a restaurant started by your local butcher who decided to put their knowledge of meats and cooking advice into practice and is always working to make the food even better.

Our strong background in butchery, selecting the best cuts and how to cook these to perfection.

We use decades-old secret family recipes to truly bring out the best in meat and the sauces. Basting our beef burgers and ribs is unique to R&B.

We hire genuinely friendly, gregarious people who love interacting with guests and making great food that delights. We hire the smile and teach the skills.

If you want to be great at something you’ve got to focus on your strengths. Well here at Ribs & Burgers we're fanatical about food and our name says it all.

Stick to our strengths

The 'craveable' rule

Local butcher knowledge

From perfectly cut to perfectly cooked

Our decades-old family recipe

Generous and loving people